Intermountain HO Scale Locomotives

Intermountain ET44 Tier four GEVO CN

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f this along with numerous etched metal and wire details
The Officially Licensed GE ET44AC "Tier 4 GEVO" from InterMountain continues our tradition of excellence in this series of modern, GE-built locomotives. This all-new model features finely molded parts, railroad specific details, prototype based color representation with laser sharp painting and printing inlcuding the numerous miniature labels accurately represented. Our all-new Tier 4 drive is smooth, heavy (approx. 1.6 lbs), and powerful with an all new larger motor.

-Front headlight, -Correct scale sized front ditch lights, -Number Boards, -Rear headlight, -Front & Rear Walkway Lights, -Correct scale sized rear ditch lights (road name specific), -Correct scale sized front & rear RED DPU lights on Canadian National units.

-Spinning bearing caps on both ends of all 6 axles on the trucks, -Accurate GE style traction motor detail on 3rd and 4th axles, -Wheel flange lubricator detail, -See through etched metal grilles on the radiator cab roof, dynamic brake area, and body (body grilles have accurate corrugations), -Real brake chain, - Real tow chain (road name specific), -Separate underframe piping detail, -LSL lights (CSX & NS), -Etched metal walkway steps (road name specific), -Accurate PTC Antenna Arrays on cab roof (road name and number specific), -Accurate Nathan Airchime K5HL Horn, -Road name specific front/rear handrails, -Formed wire nose to walkway handrail, -Rear rock pilot on CN units, -See-through etched metal walkway panels on CN units. All of this along with numerous etched metal and wire details.

Sound locomotives are factory equipped with ESU® LokSound® Select sound decoders featuring accurately recorded Tier 4 GEVO sounds played through dual "sugar-cube" type speakers. Non-sound locomotives are factory equipped with ESU® LokPilot® V4.0 non-sound decoders. For DC (non-sound only) operation, a DC plug option is available upon request


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