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Prairie Shadows HO Scale Trenton Works 5250 Hopper


Between 1995 and 1996, Trenton Works out of Nova Scotia built multiple lots of hoppers for Canadian grain service. At that time, these cars held 500 cu ft more than the average hopper on the rails. This made them popular for railroads like Canadian National; who built over 1000 of these cars. Besides CN, other companies such as Saskatchewan Wheat Pool built multiple lots of cars that offered the eye-catching POOL paint-scheme. Over the years, these cars changed hands from various owners including Norfolk Southern, FURX, NOKL and St Marys railway. 

Prairie Shadows is excited to bring this car to the HO Scale market for the first time EVER. 

 Our car features:

- Five Body Variations

- Three Outlet Gate Variations: (Toggle-Lock, Holden, Hylar)

- Three Handbrake Variations: (Universal, Ajax, Ellcon National)

- Two Styles of Trough Hatches

- Two Different End Frame Ladders

- Two Variations of Train Brake Lines

- Two Styles of Trucks: (Barber S2 Sway, Barber S2 Straight Back)

- 36" CNC Metal Wheels

- Etched Roof Walks and Crossover Platforms

- Separately Applied Grab Irons

- Cutlevers

- Full Endcage Details 

We didn't design a single variation of this car. In fact, we have a total of over 12 variations of the 5250 with 5 different body styles. These variations include different cage ladders, rivets on the side of the body, high and low "V" reinforcement brackets on the ends and different outlet gates. The hopper will also have see-thru etched metal walkways, Kadee couplers and a number of detail parts. These cars ride on Barber S2s including straight back and sway back trucks with metal wheels. See below for detailed information on each variation. 

A 10% discount is available for anyone ordering 6-12 models and 15% for 13+.  

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