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Prairie Shadows N 3800 cu ft Cylindrical Hopper

11 Panel Body with Round Hatches UNPX/PROCOR Flying P: 11 Panel Body with Round Hatches

Prairie Shadows is proud to announce the iconic 3800 cu. ft. cylindrical hopper in N-Scale. Built between 1967-1975,
this car had multiple builders including Marine Industries, National Steel Car as well as Hawker Siddeley.
Shorter than its 4350/4550 cu. ft. brother, these cars travelled all over North America on many class one railroads
throughout their careers. These cars were designed to handle bulk minerals like cement, potash and also chemicals.
Many of these cars can still be found today in 2nd hand ownership.

Our models will feature:
- Body mounted Micro-Trains Couplers
- Metal Wheels
- Accurate 100 ton Trucks
- Extensive detail including:
- Multiple Body Styles (6 and 11 panel)
- Multiple Outlet Gates (per prototype)
- Multiple Roof Hatches and Running Boards
- Multiple Brake Rigging Variations
- Accurate Train Line Variations

A 10% discount is available for anyone ordering 6-12 models and 15% for 13+.  Please message for invoicing 

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